Finding Good Oak Furniture For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not only one of the busiest rooms in a home but it also has multiple users who have their own unique and peculiar habits. It is also a high moisture environment, a factor that cannot be overlooked, while selecting and purchasing furniture. An important tip is to choose high quality kitchen furniture such as oak furniture that will last for a long period of time. But what kind of kitchen furniture can be made from oak and why should you prefer oak to other types of wood?

Kitchen Furniture

 A variety of kitchen furniture and fittings can be made using oak including kitchen chairs, tables, shelves, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, benches, wine racks and work surfaces. These can be made in various designs and sizes and can even be customised to the size and shape of your kitchen.

Care and maintenance

Maintaining kitchen furniture can be an uphill task due to multiple users, the high moisture content and the heat. The beauty of oak kitchen furniture is that it is easy to maintain.  Routine maintenance procedures include regular cleaning of all the surfaces with warm soapy water to prevent build-up of oil, apply furnish after a specified period of time to protect the wood from damage and thoroughly cleaning the furniture in specified intervals to get rid of all the dirt. Ensure that any cracks and crevices on furniture are repaired immediately to prevent water seepage that could result in damage.

Finding Good Quality Oak Kitchen Furniture


One of the most efficient ways to find good kitchen furniture and fittings is through referral by friends and family members. If your friend has high quality kitchen furniture that you admire, you can ask them to refer you to their supplier. You can also ask for referrals from your connections and/or friends on various social media sites. However, after you have received recommendations, it is prudent to carry out your own research into the supplier as opposed to blindly trusting that they still offer high quality and affordable pieces.

The Cost

Contrary to popular belief, oak furniture can be affordable. Given the subjective nature of the concept of affordability, it is up to you to find affordable shops within your area. This can be done through a detailed comparison of the quality and costs across suppliers. Ensure you get as many quotes as possible for your research and comparison purposes. However, you should never compromise on quality in order to spend less.

Custom Furniture

Sometimes, you may not get high quality well-fitting furniture for your kitchen from suppliers who specialise in readymade furniture. In such instances, it is prudent to customise your furniture to your tastes and preferences. Customisable aspects of Oak kitchen furniture include the size -- length, width, height; the design, the colour and the finishing. You can also select oak furniture with an aesthetically pleasing grain patterns or colours that blend in with the overall theme. However, when customising your furniture, your choice of supplier is extremely important as it will determine whether you will have an easy or hard time.