Is it time to re-light your fire?

Over the past few decades wood burning stoves have experienced somewhat of a renaissance in terms of popularity and technology.  It seems an ever increasing number of people are choosing wood burners over other heating systems in both renovations and new builds, and whether the motivation is economic, ecologic or simply aesthetic, it seems most are extremely satisfied with their decisions.


Fabrica Designs, based in the South West of France, supplies, delivers and installs wood burners and ranges to expats across the country.  They carry an extensive stock of burners and ranges from some of the top firms in the business including Charnwood, Evershot and Esse, and offer extensive advice and assistance to customers to ensure they make the right investment.


«It’s natural to let your taste in design rule the decision,» explains Candice. «However, we recommend our customers consider a few points before they even start looking. It will help to narrow the choices, and make sure you take home the right stove for your home and lifestyle.»


Read on to find out what information you need before you start to shop :


1. Radiant or convection stove?

There are two different types of stove: radiant and convection. But which wood burning stove type is best for you? The radiant stove concentrates the heat around the stove itself, while the convection model distributes the heat widely into the whole room. The type of wood burner you choose will depend on what you want your stove to do. If you want to be warm and cosy, nestling close to the stove, the radiant model is a good choice. If, on the other hand, the stove is also to play an effective role in heating your home as a primary heat source, you should choose a convection model.


2. Electric, wood, gas or oil range?

With products to suit all fuel types you’re sure to find your ideal combination. Think about whether you want to creat background hea      t in the kitchen only or if you would like to heat an entire property. Some cookers are available with centreal heating and hot water options- something that really sets them apart from other options and which is a great option to consider if you are undertaking a new build project. British made products that allow you to roast, boil, fry, baje, grill and more all with energy controllability.


3. Modern or traditional styling?

There are options and colours galore, so you should take the time to think about how your burner or range will complement the overall design of your property, the room in which it will be installed, the colour pallette and soft furnishings with which it is required to coordinate. Sometimes a mixture of styles in a room is great too, so dont be afraid to break boundaries and to go for strong colours.


4. Which size?

Thesize of your wood burning stove depends on the size of the area you wish to heat.

A stove that’s too large can cause just as many problems as a stove that is too small. If it’s too small, the stove will not be able to heat the room adequately; however, if you buy a stove that’s too big for the room it will become too hot. You will be constantly cutting the air supply to lower the room temperature. As a result, combustion will be incomplete and soot will quickly build up on the stove window and in the chimney. Plus, the amount of soot particles you emit into the environment will be disproportionately high.