We are pleased to inform you that we will be holding our next Autentico paint course on Tuesday 13th March. The course is designed for intermediate to advanced students. we will be covering:
  1. Ageing furniture using candlewax. ( Students will need to bring a small piece of furniture preferably with a flat surface, ie door front, small table, drawer, plant stand etc)
  2. Colourwashing using glazes
  3. Wood and Stone effects.
  4. Crackleglazing
  5. Ageing new metal ( hinges, knobs etc)
  6. Gilding and Waxes
  7. Limewashing old beams
  8. Simple mural design
  9. Stencilling with Autentico Terrapieno Paste
The cost is 90€ which includes lunch, and runs from 10-4pm in Eymet. Due to high demand we are asking for payment for the total cost of the course in advance to secure your place.
Also can you add our opening hours.
Mon-Friday 9.00am-5pm non stop
Saturday 9am-12pm